Cofe2u Southern Food Court Coffees and Hot Chocolates $ 5.00
    Latte, Flat White, Cappuccino,  
    Mocha, Chai Latte  
    Extra Flavor Shots $ 1.00
    Black coffee / espresso $ 4.50
    Selection of Hot Teas $4.50
    ICED ... Coffee, Chocolate, Mocha, Chai $6.00
    Fruit Pulp Smoothies $7.00
    Iced Teas $5.00

Slushys......... Lemon Lime & Bitters, Tropicana

$ 4.00
The Pizza Guy Upper Food Court Wood Fired Pizza $15.00
    French Waffle $5.00
    Cold Drinks $5.00
    Bay espresso coffee $ 4.00
The Authentic Indian Kitchen Upper Food Court Butter Chicken and Rice $10.00
    Chickpeas and Rice $10.00
    Lamb Rogan Josh and Rice $10.00
    Chickpeas and Bread $5.00
Smart Coffee Stage Left Espresso Coffee Range $ 4.00 - $ 4.50
    Home Made Biscuits  
    Golden Syrup Ice Cream 120ml $4.00
Bumbu Kitchen Upper Food Court Gourmet Beef Burger $8.00
    Gourmet Venison Burger $10.00
    Chickey Satay $8.00
    Mineral Water, Coke, Sprite $4.00
Espresso Man Stage Right Espresso Coffee Range $4.00
    Loaves and Biscuits $2.00
BBQ Gourmet Ltd Olive Grove Chargrilled Beef $12.00
    Roasted and chargrilled loin of pork with a stuffing of dates, apricots and spices $12.00
    Boneless skinless chicken thighs with Moroccan spices $12.00
    Including salad options, iceberg lettuce, deluxe coleslaw, beetroot, scottish bap, feigoa and sultana chutney, peach and date chutney, mustards, apple sauce and horseradish  
European Gourmet Stage Left Gourmet burgers: beef, chicken and vegetarian $10.00
    French fries with Aioli and Tomato Chutney source $5.00

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